Yellow Springs artists release stop-motion video


YELLOW SPRINGS – A troupe of musical garden gnomes star in a new music video from Yellow Springs musical and artistic collective Toadstool Shadow. To celebrate the last day of winter, Toadstool Shadow will release their track “Have You Got It Yet?” Friday March 19 at 7 p.m.

The video will air simultaneously on the Toadstool Shadow YouTube TV channel and YS Community Access 5.

The project is Toadstool Shadow’s first stop-motion video. Yellow Springs artist Sharri Phillips built the elaborate ensemble, including an enchanted miniature town with an amusement park, aquarium, and two-story treehouse.

“This may be our best video yet,” says Eli Bowsman, videographer for Toadstool Shadow.

“The title of the song is based on the story of the last song Syd Barrett ever tried to teach Pink Floyd in 1968,” says Toadstool Shadow director Chris Till. “Each time he played the song for them, he would change it, then conclude by asking the other musicians, ‘Do you still have it? “

The band’s musical style is an eclectic mix, including psychadelia, country, soft rock and pop. Music for their debut album, Rainbow Nights, was featured on Dayton NPR WYSO. Other projects from the artistic collective include a three-part fairytale rock opera, which includes Rainbow Nights and its second installment, Folk Songs of the American Wood Elf.

Toadstool Shadow is composed of songwriter and director Chris W. Till, singer Nightshade the Elven Queen and organist Larry Halper, and actor and percussionist Romy Farrar.

Other members of the artistic collective include Malcolm Oberon Till, who stars in the opera as Bunny, videographer Eli Bowsman, actor and technical advisor Sayre Hudson, actor and graphic designer Arielle Johnson, and a host of artists. and guest actors from the Yellow Springs community. .

Toadstool Shadow’s debut album Rainbow Nights is on sale in physical form at Tom’s Market in Yellow Springs. Each 15th album contains a golden ticket for a free Toadstool Shadow t-shirt.

The Toadstool Shadow YouTube channel is available at

Musical garden gnomes star in new music video from Yellow Springs musical and artistic collective Toadstool Shadow

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