Watch singer-songwriter Niteesh’s stop-motion video for ’31’ –

Niteesh, singer-songwriter born in Hyderabad. Photo: Meghana Veerapaneni

Raised in a family of artists, Hyderabad-born singer-songwriter Niteesh Kondiparthi, who goes by his first name, recalls his first encounter with the arts was through theater and music. classical music. He took up the guitar at 15 and recounts his journey: “After a few months of learning music, I realized that it was something I wanted to pursue seriously.

After performing a bit and writing his own songs, Niteesh released his first four-track EP. It’s not worth the shot in 2018, followed by his nine-track debut album titled Lekha in 2019. With a few singles also under his belt, the singer-songwriter is now out with his latest offering, the gripping “31.”

Niteesh wrote “31” in late 2018 while staying in Mumbai. He says, “I lived in a small studio and wanted to write a memoir myself.” He adds, “I realized there was a certain sense of vulnerability in my story and it could potentially work well as a song. So I started with this memory plan and ended up writing the song in a day. A friend of mine suggested I name the song ’31’ because chronologically it starts on New Year’s Eve 2017.”

“31” opens with deft acoustic guitar parts as Niteesh’s brilliant vocals combined with a bouncy groove from drummer Akshay Athreya and bassist Rohit Eragula bring the song to life. There’s also slinky keyboard work from musician Kalmi while Advait Mahesh delivers a tasty horn section for the track. Niteesh says, “The idea was to do an original singer-songwriter piece with big band and ballad elements.” He recorded the song at Hyderabad’s Rhythmonline and The Detour Studios. Sound engineer Sanjay Das mixed and mastered it.

The music video for the song shows Niteesh dressed to the nines, accompanied by his guitar as stop-motion footage of him in a chair flashes across the screen. The clip was photographed by Meghana Veerapaneni, and edited and scored by Vihari Cherukumalli and Aditya Ravikanti, respectively. The singer-songwriter said, “The idea for a music video came quite spontaneously. I wanted to make a stop-motion style video where I felt like the album cover came to life, kind of like a GIF.

Next in the pipeline, Niteesh plans to release his second EP Lemon tea later this year, which has been in the making for five years. He says, “I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

Watch the video for “31” below:

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