Vokabulantis is a stop motion video game funded on Kickstarter


Despite being a few years away from full release, Vokabulantis is a platform and puzzle game with an emotional story and stop-motion animation.

promotional art of vokabulantis

With 10 days remaining for its Kickstarter campaign, Vokabulantis is a story-packed stop-motion game with puzzles and a platform that is slated for release in 2024 if the Kickstarter is fully funded before its deadline.

Stop-motion is an extremely time-consuming art form. The assembly of a few minutes of sequences requires thousands of shots, and for each of these shots, the artist must slightly reposition the models. But for developer Esben Kjaer Ravn, he aims to use this style of clay art to create the stunning world of Vokabulantis and every carefully crafted object in it. Vokabulantis is partly designed for kids, or more specifically for the kids of Ravn, and he hopes to scare them while laughing and crying at his game’s emotional journey as an alternative to the “sugar-coated pop” normally meant to entertain children. children.

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Much like the action co-op platformer It takes two, Vokabulantis is meant to be played by two people, taking on the role of a couple who can no longer communicate after their words have been taken away. Now they must restore peace to Vokabulantis and find a way to express their feelings for each other. Vokabulantis is largely a matter of language, starting just as the two confess their feelings for each other.

The Kickstarter campaign says that Vokabulantis is inspired by other puzzle platform games such as Little nightmares, Unravel, and Inside, fans of the genre should therefore expect its release in a few years.

To support game developer Kong Orange and stop-motion animation studio Wired Fly, getting the full game for two costs around $ 30, but fans can also purchase the demo for two for around $ 12.

While this Kickstarter campaign featuring a 2D puzzle platformer may be years before its final release, Vokabulantis maybe worth the wait.

Vokabulantis is slated for release in December 2024 on PC.

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