UFC 264 ‘Fight Motion’ Video: Watch Tai Tuivasa’s Smelly ‘Shoey’ In Super Slow Motion



I’ve seen worse post-fight celebrations, like BJ Penn licking Diego Sanchez’s blood off his UFC gloves, but that doesn’t make the “Shoey” any easier to digest. I love beer and I love shoes, but if they got together in a random street crash – think peanut butter and chocolate – I would just dry my shoes and order another round.

I know that makes me a wimp, at least according to the dorky brother squad that sniffs the internet for the scent of beta males, but no peer pressure is going to make me put up with the taste of dumb feet. another man. And I paid a lot of money for an authentic beer mug in Oberhausen; damn it, I’m gonna use it.

For those of you who enjoy the ritual Shoey, UFC heavyweight Tai Tuivasa features prominently in UFC 264 “Fight Motion” video. You won’t see ghost camera footage of his first round knockout victory over besieged murderer Greg Hardy, but you can watch his sneaker match in slow motion.


The light main event between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor, which ended in a broken leg – and a lot of swearing. Sadly, all we got in the video above was a few missed punches and a “vicious” elbow from the bottom.

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