Toy Story 3 is painstakingly remade in Stop Motion – Video


There have been many times that I have started a job that I wish I hadn’t. However, there are limits to this assertion. I wouldn’t even consider, for example, recreating an entire movie using stop motion animation. Following a video posted on YouTube, this is exactly what Morgan & Mason McGrew did!

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Toy Story 3 gets full length stop motion animation

In the video, the brothers painstakingly recreated Toy Story 3 using only stop-motion animation. Using only the soundtrack from the movie, it’s not just a segment either. The animation covers the entire duration of the film.

While using mostly toys or plush figures, the movement of the mouth is obviously very limited. However, they overcame a lot of problems by using clay to replicate facial expressions. It’s, in layman’s terms, Toy Story 3 like you’ve never seen it before!

So if you have 100 minutes of spare time, check out the video below (yes, that’s the full movie). Believe me, you will be surprised!

What do we think?

With a short demo of the film that peaked last year, the full release marks the culmination of about 8 years of work. If at this point you were wondering what Disney had to say about this (especially its legal department), then get ready to be amazed again! Yes, they both approved and blessed this project!

So who knows, maybe it will end up on the Special Features DVD someday. At this point, however, Morgan and Mason McGrew are getting a huge boost from us here on We are blown away by the work that has gone into this and, more than that, how amazing it looks!

What do you think? Are you impressed with the video? Do you think they’ll now start working on the other films in the franchise? – Let us know in the comments!

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