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Animations can be very expressive and illustrative to explain an idea to viewers perfectly. The use of online videos is becoming consistent whether for study material or a presentation in a corporate sector. In contrast, most people use video animation to better represent video content.

Considering the situation of pandemics, when the whole world is converting their way of studying or working to an online platform. It was at this point that the need for animated videos increased anonymously. In this article, we will tell you about the 5 best free video maker software available.

  1. Doratoon
  2. Animaker
  3. Blender
  4. OpenToonz
  5. Creatoon


Doratoon is one of the easiest video maker online tools available to edit your videos and add more effects to them, with the latest features. It improves the efficiency of producing short videos and allows users to set certain parameters and create fascinating video in an instant.

Some of the main features of this video maker involve customizable templates, footage style, material alignment, text handling, sound effects, easy to use platform, and format painting. No matter what type of business you run, it provides you with a huge collection of templates related to your industry.

Besides the countless features of Doratoon, it also supports other advanced features that enhance its functionality in every way. These advanced functions of Doratoon cover PPT – video converting, AI smart dubbing, smart captioning and animated characters. By using these advanced features, you can create more efficient and higher quality videos.

In the business sector, Doratoon free animation software has various applications such as marketing and promotion, corporate advertising, corporate culture, mini-courses, and popularization of knowledge. In all of these applications, Doratoon’s features help make video concepts simple and concrete for viewers.


Animaker is one of the most used video animation software popular among all non-designers, beginners and professionals alike with simple drag and drop functionality. It helps you to create different kinds of animated videos like whiteboard, 2D, typography, craft, computer graphics and 2.5D.

This video maker allows you to choose preset graphics, video layouts, both vertical and horizontal, so that you can create funny animated videos in an instant. Additionally, Animaker’s available audio features allow you to add sound effects and background music, text-to-speech, and voiceover. You can also choose your favorite tracks for your videos.

Animaker offers you advanced features if you have access to the pro version of the software. Advanced features include transition effects, built-in camera, curves, multiple movements, entry and exit effects. Moreover, the popularity of Animaker attracts 10 million users who make great videos themselves using this amazing software.


Blender is a complete and free animation software for creating videos, available for all platforms including Mac, Windows and Linux. It is known as the most well-known video editing software for use by professional creators and editors. Blender supports sculpting, grease pencil, modeling, visual effects, rendering, pipeline, simulation, and video editing.

It is completely free open source software designed as a three-dimensional animation suite and a complete video editing software. Besides the common video editing features, it also allows you to perform complex tasks like video masking using Blender.

The main features of this videographer cover histogram displays, luminance waveform, speed control, waveform visualization, chrominance vectorscope, timing, adjustment layers, filters , cleaning and keyframes. Plus, it gets better over time and comes with new features that seem useful for users like professional editors and creators.


OpenToonz is completely free video maker software for creating commercial and non-commercial videos. This way, you can create your own marketing videos for your brand in no time. Some of the features of OpenToonz include stop-motion animation, indexed color palettes, motion tracking, particle systems, and bone character animation.

This video maker helps you to create some pretty advanced animated videos having advanced features in the created videos. Every feature of OpenToonz plays an important role, as motion tween is used to perform the complex movements in your videos. At the same time, scanning and cleaning are useful for creating vectors using drawings on paper.

OpenToonz supports different platforms for proper functioning, such as Linux, Mac and Windows. Besides, it supports a developer forum and user community in case you have any problem while using the OpenToonz video maker.


Creatoon is one of the well-known two-dimensional video maker available online which allows you to create amazing animated videos with special effects. Besides its simple and user-friendly interface, it performs complicated tasks which yield remarkable results.

To provide ease and convenience to the user, this cartoon creation software offers each side menu for easy access to all available features. Creatoon’s interface is outdated and not customizable, but it gives you a complete and clear view of the current project.

Creatoon allows you to set width and height and frame rate per second for your video animation. It also supports various output file formats, so you can choose your format for saving files.

The bottom line

In conclusion of the above discussion, video animation is now an essential thing to do, whether for commercial or non-commercial use. All you need to do is choose one of the best free animation software to create your animation video. The above article presents the most famous animation software available.

These well-known software include Doratoon, Animaker, Blender, OpenToonz, and Creatoon. All of these cartoon maker software provide the best features to their users to give them the best experience.

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