Toon Factory unveils a new list of animations

Toon Factory unveiled a series of new productions on the occasion of its 23rd anniversary, as well as the launch of a new 2D and 3D animation production studio at Belle de Mai Pôle Média in Marseille. Co-founded by Thierry Berthier with Mathieu Morfin (Director, Studio Manager) and Christophe Camoirano (Girelle Production) the new studio develops projects for Toon Factory and Girelle Production.

With five shorts already in production, Chromatik will participate in the production of the 2D animated series how to shrink (Toon Factory/52×11′ for Canal+) from September 2022 and the development of the 2D animated series Moods (Toon Factory (78×7′ for France TV) in 2022.

Series currently in production:

The How to Shrink Show – For Canal+ Kids and based on the comic strip by Roland Garrigue and Catherine Leblanc, published by Glenat, the 2D 52×11′ comedy is aimed at 5-7 year olds.

Moods – In development for France Télévisions, the 78×7′ series for 3-5 year olds is created by Séverine Vuillaume and Nathalie Reznikoff, based on an original idea by Vuillaume.

The Mad Scientist’s Daughter – Based on the successful eponymous comic book by Mathieu Sapin, published by Editions Shampooing, Groupe Delcourt. The 52×12′ series for 6-10 year olds is Toon Factory’s second collaboration with Sapin after the adaptation of “Sardine in Outer Space” for Canal+.

Elf & Co. – An original 53×13′ series for 4-7 year olds written by Alexandre Révérend (Sat SatTitegg, Funny little beasts…) with graphics by Virginie Kypriotis (The Amazing World of Gumball, F is for family…).

Source: Cartoon Factory

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