This stop motion video of a “pizza” made with wool is amazing. Watch | Tendency

The video shows a creation by an artist named Andrea Love.

Are you a pizza fan? Does the melty cheese and the smell of freshly baked deliciousness make you salivate? Then you might like this stop motion video showcasing the process of making a pizza – but it has a twist. The clip shows an artist creating a small pizza out of yarn.

The video shared on Reddit was originally posted on Instagram by an artist named Andrea Love. The clip begins with the preparation of the wool-based pizza dough. The bowl, the plate and even the oven are made from the same fabric. We won’t spoil the amazing clip for you, so check out the video:

Shared on August 2, the clip garnered over 43,500 upvotes and several reactions. The realistic stop motion clip left many amazed. While some couldn’t help but point out the details shown in the clip, others wondered about the time it took to create the video.

“Steam coming out of the oven! The cheese sweater!” gasped one Reddit user. “That and the smoke coming out of the oven! The detail is spectacular,” another commented.

“Imagine how long it took to do that,” said a third.

If the video completely blew your mind, check out this behind-the-scenes clip shared by the artist on his Instagram while creating the yarn pizza video.

What do you think of this stop motion pizza?

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