These beautiful POKÉMON illustrations are based on evolution

Artist RJ Palmer designed Pokémon based on our real world understanding of evolution. The three new creatures are based on an artistic impulse of speculative evolution. These so-called Fakemon are descendants of current Pokémon, adapted over the years into new forms and abilities.

Palmer was as a concept artist on the delicious Detective Pikachu film. He is also a paleoartist, bringing prehistoric animals to life through illustration. He even published a book of his realistic Pokemon drawings.

The inspiration for each new creature is clear in every design. No matter how much he changed, Palmer kept the eyes and basic color scheme the same. Palmer’s Emperoaster is a descendant of Tyrantrum, the same way birds descended from dinosaurs. In his viral Twitter feed, the artist also shares the real animals he mixed with his Pokémon inspiration. In this case, the big Dong Tao chicken.

The next is Cetaceon, a descendant of Vaporeon. On Earth, land mammals transformed into whales, growing in size in their ocean environment. The fox/dolphin-like vaperon is a perfect candidate to become this future orc Pokémon.

RJ Palmer/Truegreen7

Palmer’s third design is Garbooster, a descendant of Garchomp. He notes that many dragon Pokémon already look a lot like airplanes. This is the inevitable result of these adaptations. We saw these great illustrations thanks to comics.

In the video below from Truegreen7, Palmer shares his design process. Three other artists also created new Pokémon based on the same evolution prompt.

There’s no shortage of ways to include Pokemon in your life, including themed weddings. There is also a live-action series coming to Netflix. Catch them all!

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