The leopard’s “astonishing” jump featured in a slow-motion video


A rescue leopard from the Harnas Wildlife Foundation in South Africa is an impressive jumper, especially at mealtime.

The accompanying footage, which has garnered millions of views over the past month, shows “Hellboy” leaping nearly 10 feet to grab a piece of meat thrown over a fence by a guard.

“Hellboy in action, in slow motion. Absolutely beautiful.” The foundation wrote on Facebook.

The footage reveals the power and grace shown by Hellboy – and possessed by all leopards – as they take flight and land. (Best seen with sound.)

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Reads one of the most popular comments: “My all-time favorite animal, agile, lonely, quiet, adaptive and cunning.” I call him the ultimate hunter.

The Harnas Wildlife Foundation, originally a breeding farm, is a sanctuary for animals in need of care and rehabilitation.

The Namibian facility told FTW Outdoors that Hellboy arrived as a cub after farmers shot his mother in 2011 “following a human-wildlife conflict where farmers retaliated against leopards preying on their cattle “.

Harnas added: “The mother was shot but she had a baby so the baby came to us. He is, to say the least, an incredible looking character and leopard.

Sadly, Hellboy is not a candidate for release as he was raised his hand and lost his fear of humans. “And as such, he could come into conflict with the farmers,” Harnas said.


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