The artist behind the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival poster inspired by botanical illustrations

PONCHATOULA, La. (WGNO) – This year marks the second year that Ponchatoula native Allison Portier’s poster has been selected for the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival. She won the competition for the first time in 2016.

“I knew after I did that and how wonderful it was to want to do another one for the 50and [anniversary]”said Allison Portier, the poster artist for the 2022 Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival. “So all these years I kind of thought, ‘Oh, what can I do You know I really want it to be special I really want to try to focus on what the 50th celebrationand will be.'”

During Portier’s brainstorming process for the poster, she put herself in the shoes of a festival-goer.

“If I were a festival-goer, what would I want to see on a poster? How can I imagine the 50th looking like a celebration on paper? Portier continued, “I kind of started thinking, ‘What’s the point? What does this festival mean to me, and what does history mean to me? »

The backdrop for the poster is a map of Ponchatoula, and Portier says the strawberry design was inspired by botanical illustrations found in almanacs. She wanted to show off every part of the plant, from ripe berries to flowers.

“After I kind of created a movement with the factory, I said, ‘Okay, 50th anniversary, it has to be gold, it has to be impactful,’ and I tend to lean towards classic designs,” Portier explained. “So I kind of created this crest here that really amplifies our 50and celebration of the year here with the festival start dates.

Portier says she is happy to be able to use her talents as a contribution to her hometown.

“It’s a lot of eyes on you, which I’m not cut out for, but it’s worth seeing them really loving what you’ve done for the city, for the festival, and people are so excited about the posters,” says Portier.

Posters can be purchased at the festival from the Kiwanis Club booth. Other options include emailing [email protected] or, from next week, buying them at Gateway Ford in Ponchatoula or The First Bank in Hammond (main branch).

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