The 10 best PC games you can play without a graphics card


Graphics cards seem to get bigger, bulkier, and more expensive over the years, with some of the leading cards on the market fetching over $ 1,499 or more. That’s a huge sum just to be able to play video games at the highest resolution and frame rate, and it’s a snap for many.

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The truth is, there are a lot of games that don’t necessarily need a graphics card to run. Certainly, these are not graphic powers like Far cry 6 Where Resident Evil Village, but they are still a lot of fun. And the fact that they can be played on minimum hardware configurations without a dedicated GPU is just the icing on the cake.

ten Monitoring

A player prepares to detonate a bomb in Overwatch

Surprisingly, this very popular FPS shooter doesn’t require a dedicated graphics card to run, which is good news for beginners or newbies. Monitoring players. According to the minimum specs, it can be read on an Intel HD 4400 chipset, which is about as low as it gets. This is good news for Monitoring gamers who want to party on mobile, on a laptop.

As expected, the game will not win any awards for its graphics fidelity, as it will not be playable at higher settings. It is possible to push the game slightly beyond the low settings, where the trade-off between FPS and gameplay begins to be felt.

9 League of Legends

A photo of League of Legends gameplay

There is a common joke in the video game community that League of Legends can probably run on a ’90s 486 computer. While a bit of a stretch, it says a lot about the versatility of the game over a myriad of system configurations. Gamers certainly don’t need a dedicated GPU to enjoy League of Legends, now or never.

Mac owners, in particular, have benefited from how League of Legends is structured and can run easily on the lightest Macbook Air. It’s still an addicting classic with a very strong fan base, and Riot Games remains committed to giving it a few tweaks here and there so it can be at its best.


8 Fortnite

A shootout in Fortnite

Fortnite continues to entertain gamers with its fantastic gameplay and a catalog of life-changing events that keep the game fresh. It’s also a great example of how a modern title looks and performs on Intel’s integrated graphics hardware, which omits the need for a GPU.

The minimum system requirements for Fortnite are listed as 4GB of RAM and an Intel HD Graphics 4000 chipset. This is more than acceptable when it comes to playing smoothly, while still maintaining the beautiful visuals. However, heavier sequences will cause a drop in FPS, although this remains tolerable.

7 Portal

A player creating portals in Portal 2

These days, it’s easy enough for underpowered computers to manage Valve’s Source 2 engine, and that’s good news for Portal Fans. For those who have never jumped on the show before, now is the time. Not only is it easy on the hardware, but it’s one of the coolest and most inventive FPS puzzle games ever.

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of the portal the gameplay is straightforward, consisting of a gun that can create two types of dimensional portals that allow players to navigate a series of puzzle-themed rooms. It’s a game that tests gray matter, without testing the machine on which it runs.

6 Grand Theft Auto V

Michael overlooking the city in Grand Theft Auto V

Despite some unpopular views on Grand Theft Auto V, it’s still one of the most played games in the world. However, even with today’s hardware, GTA V can be a challenge to run on ultra-high settings which is why it’s so ironic that the game can be played on low-end systems. GTA V is capable of running on an Intel 4400 chipset with just 4 GB of RAM, although the results are not spectacular.

This means visual clarity and bare details in order to play the game on a lower performing system. It might be easier to pick up GTA V for a home video game console, rather than suffering from a PC version on a low-end system that can’t properly tackle its engine.

5 valiant

A player holding a knife in Valorant

valiant is relatively new to the FPS field, being released in June 2020. Yet it can still run on an Intel HD 4000 or AMD R5 200 architecture, all without the need for a dedicated GPU to handle the visual workload. This particular game relies more on the processor than any graphics hardware, which is an advantage for gamers without a GPU.

This gives gamers plenty of leeway to adjust graphics preferences and achieve desired strengths in clarity versus frame rate. The game itself looks bright and crisp, which is a testament to how the integrated graphics can power a deceptively simple FPS title.

4 Rainbow Six Siege

A shootout inside a Rainbow Six Siege house

This popular FPS game is capable of running on multiple system configurations that have no GPUs installed. It can even run on the Intel Core i3 CPU platform, but frame rates will suffer. Fortunately, AMD’s Ryzen APU processors are here to save the day.

A Ryzen 3 3200G Vega APU combines onboard graphics processing technology with the real processor, for a mix of both worlds. This is comparable to the minimum system requirements to play R6 Headquarters, which requires either an Nvidia GTX 460 or an AMD Radeon HD 5770, both of which are quite old at this point.

3 Mesa black

RPG shot helicopter in Black Mesa

Another APU that offers great value for money is AMD’s Ryzen 5 5600G. With Radeon 7 graphics technology, it eliminates the need for a GPU to play many of today’s games. Mesa black is a perfect example. This official Half-life fan remake can be played on a 5600G with solid framerates.

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Most APUs and integrated graphics processors generally require graphics settings to be reduced to Low, but Mesa black is able to reach higher numbers. As long as the onboard video processing is up to the task, there’s no need to splurge on an expensive video card.

2 Red Dead Redemption 2

A character on horseback in the wilderness in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is every western movie fan’s dream come true, and pairing it with the Ryzen 5600G produces some interesting results, especially since this Rockstar title is truly demanding. It can challenge even the most powerful PC platforms, which makes its favorable performance on an APU so much more surprising.

This is great news for laptop gamers who can run it at 720p resolution, without noticing a huge drop in quality. It won’t be as smooth or lively as many hope, but budget-conscious gamers can at least experience this masterpiece in limited form.

1 Forza Horizon 4

A classic muscle car in Forza Horizon 4

Racing fans can rejoice that they won’t need a GPU to get playable frame rates. Forza Horizon 4. Results will vary depending on hardware, but the game may achieve playable frame rates due to a well-built game engine and less demanding visuals.

AMD APUs are recommended, especially the Vega 8 or 11 architecture (3200G and 3400G). On Intel’s side, the UHD 750 architecture is also a safe bet, although gamers should be prepared for minor drops and framerate hiccups, depending on how much detail is shown on the screen.

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