Talented Perak Student Creates Adorable ‘Among Us’ Stop Motion Video In Bedroom That Now Goes Viral


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A creative Malaysian artist brought to life a sculptacular stop motion animation scene featuring characters from “Among Us” – one of the most popular video games of the year – on his bedroom desk.

In videos posted to social media, Zahirul Hassan Abdul Karim, 19, of Taiping, Perak shares snippets of his work on creating a short but dramatic live action scene between two teammates from one of the ‘between us, where one KILLS the other with kindness!

The crews are all there! Zahirul’s handmade plasticine sculpts.
(hasanthegrand_ / Twitter)

Breaking down his masterpiece, Zahirul explained that it took him a total of eight hours to record, edit and complete the seven-second animation – after sculpting the adorable characters out of plasticine and meticulously moving and repositioned the sculptures image by image. to do the whole scene. The video was also shot impressively using an iPhone7.

Internet users were more than excited by the hard work of the skillful host.

Making classic Tim Burton animated films like “The Night Before Christmas” as a muse, Zahirul told TRP that his love for making stop motion videos began at the age of 11. Now a computer science student at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Tapah, Zahirul said he has been passionately animating videos for nine years.

Check out some of the stop motion artist’s other projects and hobbies on his personal YouTube channel.

In other news, the online multiplayer board game Among Us, first released in 2018, is now reportedly available to play on the Nintendo Switch console.

The game had become such a global phenomenon during the global Covid-19 lockdowns that its creators canceled the sequel to work on improving the current game.

Other creative Malaysian talents have even taken the time to create their own parodies and memes out of the craze among us.

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