SYFY’s Black History Month Creator Shares His Animation Journey To Inspire Others

In honor of Black History Month 2022, SYFY and Tongal, a global community of content creators, have invited three black creators to create short videos that depict their experiences through the lens of science fiction. and fantasy.

This month, each short will air on the SYFY Network and SYFY’s Instagram and Twitter handles. We sat down with each creator to get to know them a little more and celebrate their artistry more. Next we have Jarmon Maxie.

Tell us about you!

I’m a 2D animator and illustrator based in Houston, TX. I run my own studio called Cold Waffles Animation. I am currently developing my own anime series.

Tell us about your piece. What inspired you and what does it mean to you?

It’s a story of my journey to become an animator in a heartfelt way that I hope will inspire others.

What or who inspired you to become an artist?

Some guy named Daniel Runge. He was an older child and I admired his artistic abilities. I watched him draw on the bus ride home. This is what pushed me to start drawing. And I would imitate his drawing style. I guess you could say he was my first art teacher.

Tell us about some of your favorite genre works and why you love them.

I love comics, cartoons, sci-fi TV, sci-fi movies, etc. because it got me so excited when I was a kid in the city where there was no really much to do.

Some of my top favorites are Smallville, Star Trek: Voyagerand Static shock.

When was the first time you remember seeing black representation in the fantasy/sci-fi/genre space? Was it a show? Any designer in particular?

It was in 1994 Iron Man: The Animated Seriesthe character of War Machine, aka James Rhodes!

On the other hand: what else needs to happen for you to feel like black experiences and stories are truly represented in gender?

I’ll just say this: if I could jump in a time machine and talk to my younger self about today’s world, I think he’d be happy.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

For me, it’s a time out of the year to shine a light on an important piece of American history.

Watch Jarmon and the rest of our BHM 2022 creator shorts above and check out more of his work on his website. Also be sure to check out other creators’ shorts on the SYFY Network and our YouTube and continue our celebration of Black History Month.

Jarmon Maxie BHM

Photo: Jarmon Maxie

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