Surreal watercolor illustrations quiver in the chaotic stereograms of Marija Tiurina

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#painting # surreal #video #watercolor

All images © Marija Tiurina, shared with permission

Longtime Colossal readers will recognize the surreal and fictionalized scenes illustrated by Marija Tiurina (previously). Whether it’s a bizarre mishmash of quarantine thoughts or a crowded parallel universe in North London, Tiurina’s works are a seemingly endless exploration of mystery, pleasure and general chaos, themes that the London-based illustrator continues in her new series Stereograms-the title is a coat rack mixing the “A Spanish world for a bunch (of endless objects and limbs, in my case) and a ‘-os’ ending which is typical of plural female worlds in the Lithuanian language, ”she says.

Composed of three restless gifs and a longer scrolling animation, the works move away from Tiurina’s static paintings and build a playful and particular framework around three central figures in her characteristic style. The female figures exude an air of cold disinterest and are surrounded by objects defining their unique personalities, including greasy pizza slices, cracked vinyl, and even a disturbingly severed limb.

To create dizzying works, Tiurina started by sketching and painting the individual elements in watercolors, and after cutting them out, she layered them into rich, abstract scenes with a single central figure. His stereograms, or two-dimensional renderings that give the illusion of greater depth, deviate from the story stereoscopic images who positioned two photos side by side on a flat plane seen with binocular vision. Instead, the illustrator merges the two into one glitchy visual that appears three-dimensional.

Tiurina recorded her whole process for Stereograms, which you can see in the video below, and you can find more of his wrapped, sprawling illustrations and watercolor Droste effect similar loop to Behance and Instagram. She also sells originals, prints and books on his site, and if you are in Reykjavík, stop by SIM Residence to see his work as part of a group exhibition open until May 29, 2021.

#painting # surreal #video #watercolor

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