Stop-motion video of artists making waffles goes viral; Here’s why people are impressed

Art has no limits; once the creative juices start flowing, the result is not only enigmatic but also impressive! Art can be anything and everything, it can be the murals you see on the walls of your streets and it can also be the food on your plate. It is the creative expression of an individual on his choice of canvas! We have seen many talented people express their creativity through food. Some people choose to make art through food, for example, the hyper-reality cakes that blew everyone’s mind on the internet, others choose to use art to make food. Today we found such an artist who uses an unusual thing to bring food to life and her content has gone viral! After watching the videos, we were amazed by the creativity and we bet you will be too! Looked:

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Using wool, the artist recreated the entire process of making waffles at home. The attention to detail and the precision with which she implements the process is flawless! First, the woolen butter is applied to the woolen waffle iron, even the process of melting the butter on the waffle iron is shown using wool. Then the wool batter is poured into the waffle maker and sealed to bake. Believe it or not, the steam from the baking waffle is also realistically depicted using wool. This video has accumulated 5.8 million views. His creativity does not stop there; she even made a video about making coffee with wool. Looked:

Instagram-based artist Andrea Love (@andreanimates) has made stop-motion videos where she uses wool to mimic the actual baking process. With over 1.1 million subscribers, every video she shares amazes internet users. Here is what they commented on his art:

“It’s such a seamless transition that I watched it twice without realizing it was even finished”

“Your videos make me happy”

“I can’t imagine how long it took you just to make these little waffles!!”

“You make it look so easy…”

“I like it so much. Thank you.”

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