Sonic Fan Creates Incredible Stop-Motion Video From LEGO Set

the sonic the hedgehog The LEGO set is one of the latest ways for fans to show their love for the long-running platforming series. As if building the set wasn’t taking enough time, a fan created a stop-motion video of LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog building the set himself.

Many years ago, LEGO launched its “Ideas” initiative, a service that allowed builders to create fictitious sets, share them online and support others if they so wished. Sets that receive 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas are then eligible to potentially be made into a real set, as the LEGO design team logistically considers whether this is something worth pursuing. The LEGO Sonic the set was originally launched with Sonic Mania, featuring the Hard-Boiled Heavy robot gang as well as Dr. Robotnik’s mech, among other nods. In the end, LEGO went with a more traditional set, allowing builders to create Green Hill Zone and collect the Chaos Emeralds.


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LEGO builder and animator TheJumiFilm has constructed a brilliant stop-motion video of Sonic both building and walking through his LEGO set. The level of creativity displayed here is staggering as TheJumiFilm depicts the LEGO Sonic minifigure coming to life, dashing around the kitchen table and assembling Green Hill Zone. There are instances where Sonic builds like he did in LEGO Dimensions, with coins appearing on the board as he moves his hands, but there are also times when Sonic runs around the board in a blur, coins being applied with each pass. A highlight of the video is when Sonic builds the bridge, pouring LEGO water into the expanse.

Just when you think the video is about to end as Sonic finishes building, TheJumiFilm has one last trick in store. It makes sense that after building Green Hill Zone, Sonic wanders around his favorite haunts, and TheJumiFilm delivers just that.

Sonic starts above his live meter and heads to the right, destroying the Crabmeat robot, running through the loop, and bouncing off a spring to collect rings. There’s also a nice attention to detail, with the crabmeat not just vanishing from the set, but vanishing in a cloud of LEGO smoke, and the blue checkpoint turning red once Sonic passes it.

Building a LEGO set with pieces as tiny as this can be a laborious experience, so for TheJumiFilm to do it all while creating a stop-motion video is incredible. In some cases, it’s not as simple as starting and stopping the camera and changing one aspect but several, probably extending the build time of the set considerably.

TheJumiFilm’s work caught the attention of the official Sonic YouTube account, commenting on the video, “Like looking at yourself in a mirror! So smooth, great job on that!” To be recognized by sonic the hedgehog itself is probably a nice bonus then, in addition to the satisfaction of creating such a project.

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