Slow-motion video, the aftermath of Madison Bumgarner’s ejection is even weirder

When the referee makes a slightly odd eye contact attempt, it can be understandable that the target may warm up a bit.

As Arizona Diamondbacks left-handed pitcher Madison Bumgarner was finishing out the first inning, first base umpire Dan Bellino approached the veteran pitcher to perform a sticky substance check.

Things got weird and uncomfortable from there.

Rather than reaching for a sticky substance on Bumgarner’s hand, Bellino appears to be massaging the pitcher’s hand. Persuade him to make eye contact. Once Bumgarner looks up at Bellino to see his intense eye contact, the pitcher becomes rather uncomfortable with the situation and walks off.

Bumgarner had to be held back by manager Torey Lovullo, two coaches, and receiver Jose Herrera when the pitcher got into a verbal argument with Bellino.

The referee who ejected Madison Bumgarner appeared to be trying to sell the presence of sticky stuff

After the ejection, all eyes were on Bellino.

It looks like Bellino is planning what he’s going to say when asked about this strange incident. Bellino did tell a reporter, “I wouldn’t say (Bumgarner) took offense to it. It was just a manual check.

Oh good? It felt like more than just a random manual check. There was intent in Bellino’s eye contact. It sounded like he was trying to incite Bumgarner.

The pitcher and Herrera didn’t seem happy with some calls during the inning. The pair and infielders headed for the dugout after believing they had knocked out Miami Marlins hitter Garrett Cooper, only for plate umpire Ryan Wills to call the pitch.

Bumgarner returned to the mound to knock Cooper out with a flyout. Bumgarner appeared to be saying something to Wills as Bellino approached for hand control.

Bellino said Bumgarner was sent off for “blasphemy directed at a referee”.

Bumgarner told reporters that he knows why he was expelled. “I don’t know if I can say anything that would improve the situation. …You guys have all seen it, and you can go back and see it all again, and it’s pretty clear.

In effect. Clearly Bumgarner was taken off after being salted with Bellino due to uncomfortable eye contact. It remains to be seen why Bellino felt the need to push things the way he did and initiate the incident that put Bumgarner in an awkward position where he felt he had to defend himself. It’s a pity that the referee can’t be controlled after this strange incident.

The Diamondbacks beat the Marlins 8-7. The team has Thursday off to return home for a series with the Colorado Rockies.

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