Sisi Kim’s playful 3D illustrations are far from disposable

Most creatives have several reasons why they chose their preferred medium. For Sisi Kim, it’s a love of anything that looks plastic. Grabbing 3D illustration for its ability to best represent the material’s key characteristics – “lightness, playfulness and color” – Sisi’s work can be bold and bright, but it’s certainly not disposable. Inspired by lighthearted subject matter, like internet memes, childhood toys, and ’90s pop art, Sisi also interacts with bigger issues, like the impending climate crisis.

In A messy day – a brilliantly moving and apocalyptic piece – Sisi compares the frustration of discarded chewing gum and climate change. “As trivial in appearance as chewing gum sticking to our feet, climate change seems ignorant and irritating, but it continues to influence our lives and becomes increasingly difficult to solve,” explains the illustrator. In another recent project, Too cute to be just plastic, Sisi depicted 100 plastic objects in her charming style, immortalizing objects and challenging our tendency to throw things away. While Sisi might be one of the funniest wallets we’ve come across lately, it also packs a mighty punch with an undercurrent of social commentary.

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