‘SILVER Of Treasures and Thieves’ Graphic Novel Available Next Week

Los Angeles-based animator/writer/director/comic book creator Stephane FranckSILVER Of Treasures and Thieves’ new graphic novel will go on sale October 25. Set in the dark paste era of the 1930s, the genre-bending graphic novel draws inspiration from gothic horror and heist tropes to tell a story that’s pure adventure.

Annie Award-nominated director, Franck’s credits include supervising animation on The iron giantstory contributor on Despicable Meco-creator of the animated television series Corneil and Bernie (Nicktoons—Hub Network) and animation supervisor at Marvel Studios What if…?.

The book’s publisher (Abrams ComicArts) describes “SILVER Of Treasures and Thieves” as a story that offers the dynamics of a set of misfits while inviting readers to accept that Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” was a story of fact. , not fiction. The result is a smart, innovative story with world-class visuals and well-drawn characters that are equal parts action, humor, and heart. Plus, it examines the most human question of all: What are the things that really make someone feel alive?

In the book, when Finnigan loses his gang of crooks’ fortunes in a heist gone wrong, he comes across a consolation prize in the Harker Foundation crypt – a notebook that tells the story of an ancient treasure. and immeasurable, accompanied by an ingot of pure silver. to prove it. It’s a big story, but also Finnigan’s only lead. To make up for what he has lost, he organizes the heist of the millennium in search of the Silver Dragon. But there is only one catch: the famous treasure would be hidden in a castle filled with vampires.

Autographed copies of “SILVER Of Treasures and Thieves” are available for pre-order here.

Source: Abrams ComicArts

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