Serj Tankian shares a new stop-motion video for “How many times?”

Serj Tankian shares a new stop-motion video for
Photo: Mauricio Alvarado

System of a Down’s Serj Tankian has shared a new music video for “How Many Times”, which is one of the songs from his March 2021 solo EP. Elasticity. This is a stop motion video made by Roger Kupelian, who was the visual effects director of the Lord of the Rings and X Men.

The video begins with some biblical images. A couple in white masks eat apples from a tree as a black snake squirms towards them, then must flee the garden as an angel with two flaming swords pursues them. They hide from the angel, give birth to children who turn out to be Cain and Abel and fight for survival. The video ends with a quote from the 13th century poet Rumi Thay: “Somewhere between good and evil there is a garden. I’ll meet you there. “

The song is a ride in itself, alternating between a dramatic piano part paired with cinematic strings and metal guitar blasts. It draws on Tankian’s belted chorus: “God said goodbye to us / To learn to love and die / Death cries out goodbye / We belong. “

“It’s amazing to be working again with my good friend Roger Kupelian whose images of the two kings (The Argonath) in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ are stamps in New Zealand,” said Tankian. “He also realized ‘Horned Antelope‘ and ‘Reconstructive demonstrations ” for us years ago. Can’t wait to share this video.

Now that this video is out, every song in the Elasticity EP has a music video. The first was the title song, which showed Tankian acting like a living tattoo as a woman tried to escape from a crowded waiting room. The second was “Electric YerevanWhich used images of demonstrators confronting the police. There was also a video for “Your mother“, which wasn’t totally a joke, and a video for”RumiWhich is a black and white tribute to the poet and a document of Tankian’s spirituality.

Most of Tankian’s recent solo projects are film scores. His last official studio album was Hara-kiri in 2012. Another group of bassist Shavo Odadjian North Kingsley also released new music in 2020. The rest of System of a Down has also started releasing new music.

In November 2020, the entire band shared their first new singles since 2007, “Protect the earth” and “Genocidal humanoidz. “The songs have raised over $ 600,000 for relief efforts in Artsakh. In the fall of 2021, they plan to return to the stage with a few concerts alongside Faith No More and Korn.

Photo credit: Mauricio Alvarado


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