Sayaplayer Valorant Settings: Gear, Mouse Sensitivity, Crosshairs, Hotkeys, Graphics, Video Settings.

Let’s take a look at The Guard, one of the settings, equipment, etc. Sayaplayer Valorant’s most influential players.

Ha “Sayaplayer” Jung-woo is a South Korean Valorant professional player. He is currently a member of Guard, a recent Valorant organization dominating its way to the top. Guard has shaken up Valornat’s current competitive scene starting with his performances in North America Stage 1 Challengers.

And one of the reasons for this insane performance from them is Sayaplayer. He usually prefers to play the role of a Dualist, and is primarily a main Jett. And he also plays his part perfectly, creating space and winning fights that are not intended. And it does this using these settings and equipment.

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Sayaplayer Equipment

Sayaplayer Valorant game settings

Sayaplayer Mouse Settings

  • Mouse DPI – 1000
  • In-Game Sensitivity – 0.339
  • eDPI– 339
  • Range Sensitivity – 0.9
  • Polling rate – 1000

Sayaplayer’s Valorant Crosshair Settings

  • Reticle color: Green
  • Centre-Point: Disabled
  • Broad outlines: Disabled
  • Interior lines: On
    • Inner opacity: 1
    • Inner line length: 3
    • Inner Line Thickness: 1
    • InnerLine Offset: 1
  • Outside lines: Disabled

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Sayaplayer Valorant keyboard shortcuts

  • On: Shift L
  • Crouch: L-Ctrl
  • Jump: space bar
  • Use Item: F
  • Main weapon: 1
  • Secondary weapon: 2
  • Melee weapon: 3
  • Equip Tip: 4
  • Ability 1: E
  • Use Ability 2: Q
  • Ability 3: Mouse C
  • Use ultimate ability: X

Sayaplayer video settings

  • General
    • Display – Full Screen
    • Resolution – 1920 x 1080
    • Frame Rate Limit – Unlocked
  • Graphics settings
    • Multi-threaded rendering: enabled
    • Material Quality – Low
    • Texture Quality – Low
    • Detail Quality – Low
    • UI quality – low
    • Vignette – disabled
    • VSync – Disabled
    • Antialiasing – MSAA 4x
    • Anisotropic filtering – 1x
    • Improve Clarity – On
    • Flowering – Walk
    • Distortion – Off
    • Cast Shadows – Enabled

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Sayaplayer currently has 30,000 subscribers on its Youtube channeland a whopping 74.6k subscribers on his Tic. But his popularity is steadily increasing as he continues to improve and thrive in his current career. He is without a doubt one of Jett’s best players in NA.

Also, don’t forget to check out his Twitterand if you want to drop a follow up or maybe a message, your wish.

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