Rockstar Games’ Bully Gets Remade With Breathtaking Graphics

Rockstar Games’ beloved T-rated game bullygot a fan remake that updates the graphics in a jaw-dropping way. bully is one of Rockstar’s most acclaimed games outside of the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead series, but it never got a sequel. There were rumors of a sequel for years, which may have been real as some details surfaced last year as to what it would have looked like. Many of the coolest features have moved to Red Dead Redemption 2meaning it lives on in one form or another, but fans are still yearning for another boarding school adventure.

YouTube channel TeaserPlay created a trailer for a remake of bully running on Unreal Engine 5. It’s absolutely stunning and shows just how far technology has come since the first game was released in 2006. There’s room for improvement as the facial animations leave a lot to be desired, especially in this when it comes to lip-syncing, but the fact that a small fan project has managed to accomplish so much is amazing. The environments look realistic and really capture some of the gritty aesthetic of the original game. Of course, it’s just a fan project, so it won’t be released, it’s just serving as a concept for what might be. If Rockstar will ever bring back bully remains a mystery, but if so, it will probably be a while.

Rockstar Games has already confirmed that it’s knee-deep Grand Automatic Flight 6 and even pushed red dead online on the side to focus on the game. A recent report provided some details about the game and noted that it is not expected to be released for at least two years. That said, a bully the sequel is probably even further away, if it even exists. Reputable insider Tom Henderson claims something is up with the Bully franchise, but didn’t elaborate on what exactly that might mean.

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