Revolutionary SVGator Update: SVG Animation to Video Becomes a One-Click Export Process

SVGator upgrades its SVG animation tool with the new SVG to video export option. Animations can now be exported as high-quality videos with transparency support.

The team behind SVGator has announced the release of the tool’s SVG video export feature, dramatically changing and streamlining the workflow for every visual content creator who animates vector graphics using the app. With this new output option, users are just a few clicks away from exporting lightweight SVG animations as high-resolution videos.

Render videos with up to 4K resolution at 60 fps directly in SVGator’s cloud

SVGator’s all-in-one selling point extends to the launch of this new SVG to video upgrade. Users can animate vector graphics directly within the tool’s intuitive interface, and just like export to their other file formats (.svg, .js, .dart), to export videos, users don’t need to jump into other third-party apps to download a ready-to-use file.

The ability to render video at up to 4K resolution, at 60 frames per second, directly in the cloud, means the tool does all the heavy lifting. The end user does not need a powerful computer to export his custom animations in one of the five available video formats (MP4, AVI, MOV, WebM, and MKV), even with all settings set to best quality (2160p resolution – 3840×2160 at 60 fps frame rate).

Export transparent video animations for clean overlay in video projects

The SVG creator and animation tool supports video transparency, allowing users to render videos with a transparent background or partially transparent elements. Support for transparency is a game-changer, as it completely eliminates the need to jump through hoops when creating animated assets without a background to overlay footage in more advanced video projects.

Not having to deal with complex background removal techniques and not having to rely on other third-party tools to create custom transparent assets is a huge time saver. Now the process of exporting videos with a transparent background is as simple as setting the project background to transparent, exporting the animation to MOV or WEBM, and ensuring that the transparency option is checked.

Create and share custom animations easier than ever

SVG video export was a long awaited feature by the SVGator community. “Our in-house designers were just as excited about this release as our user base. We faced the same obstacle course workflow when trying to share great looking SVG animations on platforms that don’t support SVG as-is,” says Erika Dosa, Head of SVGator design.

Following the deployment of SVG for video export, exported files can now be easily distributed, embedded or shared – on social media, in work team projects, on portfolio platforms, in branding campaigns in line, etc

About SVGator

SVGator is a comprehensive online SVG animation tool. Imagined in 2017, the tool was created by designers for designers and has since continued to expand its field of action. This SVG creation and animation tool was designed to explore the performance potential of the infinitely scalable vector graphics format.

The app has virtually eliminated the need for coding skills when creating stunning SVG animations, regardless of their level of complexity. The team behind SVGator is pushing development hard – first breaking into mobile app animation territory with its 2021 mobile export update, and now opening the creative floodgates to the widely supported world of media in video format.

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