Relive the beauty and magic of nocturnal Cairo through the illustrations of artist Ahmed Saad

Illustration of the kiosk by Ahmed Saad

Far from the hustle and bustle of Cairo and its crowded streets, there is a parallel world where the nocturnal magic and serenity of this city come to life. While browsing Instagram, I stumbled upon some beautiful illustrations of Cairo from a different perspective. Created by artist Ahmed Saad, the short animated series takes us to a state of peace, tranquility and nostalgia where simple animations and the choice of music together create a soothing atmosphere.

Saad is a screenwriter who has worked on several TV shows and series such as “El Wasseya”, “Badal El Hadouta 3” and is currently working on “Helwa El Donia Sokar”. an editor. These illustrations of Cairo at Night were not part of his work portfolio, but rather part of his own escape from deadlines, busy schedules and endless work.

“I started this video series at a time when stress was taking over my life and I had to work entire days. So, I escaped all these deadlines by re-imagining those peaceful nighttime moments in Cairo through simple entertainment and music that left me feeling nostalgic. Saad told Egypt Today

The first in the series was a depiction of an Egyptian kiosk and its owner followed by a video revisiting the 1980s from the top of Mokkatam overlooking the city lights with Mohamed Mounir’s “Shababeek” playing in the background. Soon after posting these videos, they gained a lot of attention on the internet.

“I was surprised by the feedback I got from people because when I created this series I wasn’t focusing on likes and shares, but rather wanted to create something that everyone can enjoy. ‘identify. I was also a little unsure about the choice of music as the taste is totally different nowadays, but I became very happy when I got messages from people telling me that the animation and the music together had them. put in a calming vibe, which is the very reason I created these illustrations in the first place. ‘ he adds.

When asked if he would continue with more illustrations with the same concept, he explained, “Honestly, I don’t want to abuse the idea or put pressure on myself to have to post something new frequently, especially since a video like this, although simple, can take a whole day. I’d rather take my time creating quality art than be in a rush to deliver more content to generate more likes and shares. ‘

Through these illustrations, Ahmed has managed to create a different mood and state by simply reliving simple Cairo moments at night by tapping into all the right elements and we patiently wait for what will follow.

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