PS5 games with the best graphics

While the jumps are getting smaller and smaller between generations, there’s always a nice graphical bump to expect when getting your hands on the latest hardware. We’re long past the days of moving from 16-bit 2D games to full 3D, and even the gap between SD and HD, but the visual improvements we’ve achieved between PS4 and PS5 are still striking. . Not only are resolutions higher, but new techniques like ray tracing are now possible and are starting to appear in more titles as we get deeper into console life.

Now that it’s been out for a while and we have a wide selection of upgraded titles and titles made exclusively for the PS5, there are a few that have risen to the top that anyone looking to show off the power of their new box will want to grab. Not only are all of the games on this list visually impressive – not only necessarily photo-realistic, but they’re also fun to play. The graphics don’t make a game fun, but that just means the best-looking games on PS5 are also some of the best. Here are our picks for the PS5 games with the best graphics.

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