Protests against AI graphics and meta avatar fail

Image: Meta / MIXED

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Our weekly recap: AI graphics are on the rise, and designers and artists are responding. Zuckerberg’s Metaverse avatar is a subject twice.

AI graphs on the rise

AI graphics tools like Midjourney and DALL-E 2 are available to more and more people. It is also allowed to use them commercially, and this is precisely what happens, for example, by a writer for the well-known American site The Atlantic. This leads to protests from graphic designers on Twitter.

Zuckerberg’s avatar divides the Metaverse community

Mark Zuckerberg posts a casually created screenshot of Horizon Worlds with a rather lifeless version of his avatar. This causes a lot of mockery on the web. Zuckerberg responds shortly after with a livelier version of his avatar, soon to be released with a graphical update for Horizon Worlds.

A detailed cartoon avatar of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg smiling at the camera.

A much better looking avatar of Mark Zuckerberg. | Image: Meta

Red Matter 2 in review: the marvel of space graphics for Quest 2 and SteamVR

Red Matter 2 is supposed to set graphical standards over Quest 2. The Red Matter 2 review shows whether VR and Quest PC gaming has more to offer than great graphics.

Deepmind’s Transframer creates videos from images

AI can create stunning images. What about the next step – video? Deepmind’s new AI video transframer can perform a range of image and video tasks, including creating 30-second videos from a single frame.


An AI language model helps Google’s robot think

In the PaLM-SayCan project, departments at Google are combining the company’s most advanced large-scale language model to date with an everyday robot that could one day help around the house. Thanks to the language model, it can better analyze instructions and break them down into subtasks.

“I’m tired, bring me a refreshing drink.” Thanks to advances in large language models, Google’s new AI robot can handle more complex instructions. | Image: Google

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