Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Do Animation of “Hyperactive” Smoliv

Following Smoliv’s reveal for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, an excited fan decides to make an awesome animation featuring the new Pokemon.

Whereas Pokemon scarlet and violet are still a few months away from release on the Nintendo Switch, players have already gotten a glimpse of several of the new Pokemon coming with the new games. Along with the reveal of new starter Pokemon Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly, fans recently got a chance to see Smoliv, an olive-looking Pokemon. Unsurprisingly, fans have already started making fan art based on this newly revealed pocket monster.

In a post on Reddit, a user known as M_Squarec shared a post featuring a unique animation he created based on the Pokemon series. Specifically, this brief clip made by the Reddit user featured Smoliv from the upcoming Pokemon scarlet and violet. However, this animation stood out because the artist redesigned the Pokémon to have a pixelated 2D art style instead of its 3D design seen in the Switch game.


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In the short video posted by M_Squarec, the Smoliv of Pokemon scarlet and violet was seen in the middle of the screen in front of a white background. Impressively, they had managed to translate the 3D elements of the design seamlessly into the pixel art style. The Pokemon still had its green coloring and olive appearance. Additionally, the Pokemon was referred to as “hyperactive”, according to the artist. It wasn’t hard to see why they’d used that term to describe the pixelated pocket monster; the clip showed the Smoliv operating in place, quickly changing direction in the process.

Since the publication of the hyper Smoliv clip on Reddit, many members of the Pokemon community took the time to admire and comment on the hard work of the facilitator. With over 1,200 upvotes over the past two weeks, many were impressed with the design. In particular, one fan said the art style reminded them of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. This prompted another player to say that he wanted the developers to consider making another game based on this art style. “I would so love another sprite-based pokemon game,” BrainIsSickToday said on Reddit.

While this animation by M_Squarec is undoubtedly eye-catching, it’s far from the only one. Pokemon creation made by the community in recent days. In fact, other talented players have made memorable animations based on Pokémon from the franchise. For example, a fan-made video showed Charmeleon evolving into Charizard. Time will tell what other animations are made by the community. Maybe M_Squarec will decide to animate short clips featuring other Pokémon announced for the next Pokemon scarlet and violet.

Pokemon scarlet and violet out November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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