Pokemon Gen 9 Newbies Show Their Cute Side In Fan Animation

A short animation featuring the Starter trio for the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games shows the new Pokémon showing off their cute sides.

A talented Pokemon fan created a short animation featuring the Starter trio for the upcoming Generation 9 games, Pokémon Scarlet and Violetyouwith the new characters showing their cute sides. Pokemon‘s Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly, whose names suggest Spain is the inspiration for the new region, have charmed many with their lovely designs since they were first revealed earlier this year.

The identity of a new Starter trio is often one of the first pieces of information to be announced on any Pokemon Region. The new Gen 9 starters were no different in this respect, with their designs being revealed in the first February trailer. As a result, fans have produced some awesome artwork like the three Pokemon before. scarlet and purple were even released. This includes the ubiquitous fan art that any popular franchise inspires, but some have already gone further in their efforts to immortalize the new Pokemon, creating plushies, animations and a fan even shot. scarlet and violet‘s Starters in LED lamps.


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Another creative fan posted a short Pokémon Scarlet and Violet animation that shows Starters ready and waiting to go on a journey with a new Trainer. Reddit user LoafyCrumble has garnered widespread praise for his rendition of a boot selection screen, urging the viewer to “choose wiselyThe animation features each Starter Pokémon performing a fast-paced action full of personality: Sprigatito displays an impressive backflip, Fuecoco exhales a burst of fire, and Quaxly drops a few water droplets from its face, making it look like tears, though. that it gives the viewer a smile nonetheless. The looping animation is very smooth, with an obvious effort to make the trio as cute and expressive as possible.

Prompt by the animation’s message, Reddit users declared their favorite Pokémon Scarlet and Violet characters in the comments, with all members of the trio receiving lots of praise and attention. There has also been talk of both the Starters’ designs and those of potential evolutions, with some fearing that the cat-like Sprigatito could evolve into a more humanoid form, like Litten before him. There has been a trend of Starter Pokémon changing from quadrupedal to bipedal over the past few generations, with examples such as Sobble and Litten. The concept is notably unpopular with some fans, who want a return to more monstrous designs for final evolutions.

While the final designs of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet developments may well cause some upheaval in the future, for now at least the Starter trio are enjoying their time in the spotlight. As LoafyCrumble’s work shows, all three have their fans and are easily able to inspire creative individuals. Between their designs and their personalities, the new Starter Pokemon have an impressive level of appeal, which this animation puts to good use. With other new Pokemon like Lechonk already making an impression, it looks like PokemonThe new generation of is set to become full of fan favorites.

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Source: LoafyCrumble/Reddit

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