PAID GRAPHIC DESIGNER (entry level) basic backgrounds and illustrations for an ebook

Good morning!

Without giving too much away, I’m currently writing an eBook and I need help creating some very basic backgrounds for the book, and a cover that will be pretty minimal, maybe a few shapes and that’s up to just about everything! I’m looking at about 25 pages, a thank you page with cute shapes (similar to the first page) and the rest would just be oval shapes etc. on each page in colors like red, forest green, mustard, pink, yellow, etc. for the front page, it would just be the name of the ebook and the author (♡Rachel) I have a budget but it wouldn’t be more than a few hours of work.
Depending on your level of experience, I’m sure we can find something that suits both of us and I’m DEFINITELY open to working with beginner designers or even someone studying! I know how much experience you need and it would be an honor for me to hire you!
Our instagram got hacked at 57,000 a year ago and I just got my handle back so it’s been a really frustrating journey but very happy to deliver new content and opportunities 🙂

Let me know if this sounds like you and I can send mood boards!
Please send me a CV, your social networks and a portfolio of at least five of your most recent or favorite works


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