OddBot will develop and animate a trio of critically acclaimed graphic novels

OddBot Inc., the production company behind Disney Junior’s Emmy-nominated CGI Muppet Babiesby Netflix Action Kit and other successful programs, has chosen and plans to develop three graphic novels into animated series and a special. Each of the critically acclaimed titles — The kingdom of cardboard, Tea Party session and the good witch – is imaginative and unafraid to tackle real-life issues that children face as they grow.

“Children are growing faster than ever today, and we love how these stories show them overcoming inherent obstacles through imagination and creativity,” said Chris Hamilton, President of OddBot. “They also feature remarkable characters that will resonate with both children and their parents, strengthening bonds and starting conversations.”

OddBot adapts ‘The Cardboard Kingdom,’ ‘Tea Party session” and ‘The good witch’ in imaginative animated projects

The kingdom of cardboard (11-minute CG/2D series) affirms the power of imagination and play during the most important years of adolescent search for identity and emotional growth. Drawn and co-written by Chad Sell, its award-winning story tackles themes like family conflict, inner strength and gender identity, as we meet a diverse neighborhood of kids who turn ordinary boxes into colorful costumes – knights and thieves, robots and monsters – creating humorous and action-packed adventures.

Tea Party session (60-minute CG special), by Reimena Yee, is a beautiful mid-level graphic novel about the trials of growing up. In this fantastical story, 12-year-old Lora Xi wants to be a child forever, and she’ll do anything to make it happen…including befriending Alexa, the ghost that haunts her home. What follows is a journey of self-discovery as the lovable characters each realize what it means to be who you are.

the good witch (22-minute CG series), based on the critically acclaimed debut graphic novel by Emma Steinkellner, is a humorous and heartfelt story about the weird and wonderful adventures of a would-be witch. 13-year-old Moth Hush learns the startling truth about her hometown and family’s history as she tries to control her newfound powers. But with the help of her best friend (who has her own secret), her mother, a few good witches, and her talking cat, Moth just might be fine.

OddBot is a prolific animation studio that has worked with a who’s who of networks and studios. In addition to producing three seasons of Muppet Babies with Disney Junior and Netflix’s popular preschool series Action KitOddBot has been hired by Stampede Ventures to produce the highly anticipated Mo Willems film Naked Mole Rat dresses up: the underground rock experience! – a stunning CGI-animated hour of “underground” music and comedy that premieres June 30 on HBO Max’s Cartoonito.

Hamilton added: “While OddBot is known for our work in the preschool space, these latest three titles are fantastic additions to an already growing list of projects for children and families with more complex and relatable storylines, and we are excited to help them jump the page where they will be enjoyed by new and existing fans on screen.”


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