Nvidia will introduce price cuts on high-end RTX graphics cards

The recent Amazon Prime Day event saw a slew of tech, including graphics cards, go on sale, and it looks like Nvidia is planning to keep it going.

Modern gaming technology, or even just technology in general, can be quite expensive, so everyone loves it when things are on sale. Recently, this year’s Amazon Prime Day has seen a lot of tech deals. Everything from peripherals to video game accessories were offered at discounted prices. It also included some Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, which were quite expensive until recently, as many painfully know. Luckily, it looks like prices in general are going down and the green team seems to want to keep that trend going.


That’s according to a recent report from PC Gamer, which indicates that Nvidia may be looking to cut prices on some of its high-end Ampere products. Hardware such as the RTX 3080, RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3090, and the newer RTX 3090 Ti could drop as low as $500. It’s been suggested that the reason behind the discounts, although not at MSRP it seems, is in preparation for the upcoming Ada Lovelace lineup. By lowering the prices of these boards, vendors can hope to move more products in time for the new architecture.

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What’s interesting about this development is that it’s immediately on the back of the graphics cards going on sale for Prime Day. Some GPUs, such as the aforementioned RTX 3080 Ti, were at 26% off their usual value, while the AMD RX 6900 XT was at 36%, selling for as little as $900. As intriguing as these deals are, they still represent the much more expensive part of the graphics hardware market. Whether it’s worth the discounted price of a 3090 Ti when the Lovelace and RDNA 3 lineup arrives depends on individual preference.

Recently, Nvidia reportedly launched the RTX 40 series in September. However, it’s been speculated that, possibly due to an oversupply of Ampere cards, the tech giant could delay it even further, with the new generation of the green team not starting until perhaps the fourth. trimester. Of course, that’s just a rumor at this point.

In addition to the fall in prices by Nvidia, the prices of graphics cards themselves are falling, with figures showing that there has been a 57% drop since the start of this year. In general, it looks like the GPU market is doing much better than it was two years ago, and as we approach the next era of products from green and red teams, people might be interested in keeping an eye on current generation products to see how far prices will drop.

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Source: Gamer on PC

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