New name for Neue Gestaltung theater uses ‘absurd’ illustrations to capture audience’s imagination

The studio received the project after being invited to a competition by the new management of the theater. After winning the competition, the studio began working closely with the theater’s new director, Julien Chavez. From the start, the studio was aware that the fundamental design would later be done independently by the theater’s in-house designer. Thus, Pit explains that the studio sought to create a structure that was both “diverse” and “easy to imitate”.

One of the coolest features of the redesign is its bold illustrative elements. Using a fairly simple formula – with loose, suggestive shapes done in blocks of color – the illustrations appear as silhouettes or shadows. The identity also refers to each of the upcoming productions, with Georg Büchner Woyzeck realized as a curled up man, and Alice in Wonderland depicting a giant rabbit-like figure. Pit says, “the graphics intend to tackle something silly yet imaginative, eye-catching that would appeal to all age groups equally.” Additionally, knowing that the posters would be shown throughout Magdeburg city center, the studio wanted to create an identity that would ‘trigger’ something in the locals and contrast strongly with the surroundings.

The theater’s website is still in its intermediate stages; the studio is awaiting new funding so it can replace the current (and fairly outdated) CMS with a newer one, which will allow it to implement more of its design ideas. What they have, however, is very promising. Translating the illustrative elements on the site, they combine to create a bold and varied selection page. The drop-down menu, for example, is defined by its multicolored tabs – a far cry from the sterile black-and-white menus often applied to theater websites. For the website, Pit explains that the studio focused on the basic questions of its users: “When does the performance start? Are there still tickets available? How long is the show?” The studio then applied a simplistic, easy-to-use formula to find the answers. Fun yet fully functional, the Magdeburg Theater’s new name is a wonderful example of well-thought-out cultural design.

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