New DNF Duel Trailer Focuses On Character Artwork

A new DNF Dueling trailer focusing on its characters is here, and it teases more news and content. The first half of the video focuses on illustrations of his fighters. These appear to be shots taken from an arcade or story mode. The description included a note that read, “We’ll be back soon with more news for you!” This could refer to more fashion and roster news.

The illustrations in the DNF Dueling The trailer begins by showing the characters Berserker and Grappler. Berserker is surrounded by enemies, while Grappler is surrounded by fallen enemies. After that, the Inquisitor appears holding his axe. The following image features an encounter between the Hitman and the Ranger. She is followed by the Kunoichi to a town, leaning against a wall as she observes the others. The Crusader appears to be working with the Ghostblade in the next shot. Finally, there is a moment that shows the Vanguard and the Berserker face to face. From there, the video shows combat footage.

Here is the new DNF Dueling trailer showing characters and art.

A few cast members do not appear in the teaser artwork. The Dragon Knight and Striker were both absent. It also didn’t show a character that Arc System Works had been teasing for a while. It’s the mechanic.

DNF Dueling some will be on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC on June 28, 2022. Pre-orders are open.

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