Netflix intro recreated in elaborate stop motion video

We all need recreation. It’s a reality. And a lot of those hobbies involve yarn. Some of us knit with yarn. Some of us crochet with yarn. A lot of us just buy a lot of nice yarn and say that someday we’ll do something with it. And some of us… recreate a stop-motion video of Netflix’s intro montage using $30 wire. Hey, we’re not complaining. Honestly, this stop-motion project is really cool. Netflix’s “Tudum” intro has an amazing range of colors. And it has plenty of vertical lines that lend themselves well to stop-motion thread videos. The hand-eye-brain coordination needed to piece it all together seems immense. Congratulations to you, Kevin Parry.

The description of this stop-motion video shares:

For the time being [sic] right at all, I took on the challenge of recreating the ‘ta-dum’ Netflix intro with YARN! Why? Because I like stop-motion and challenge myself.

That seems reasonable to us! In his video, Kevin Parry explains more about his process. First, it analyzes the video by looking at the different shots that make up the Netflix intro. Then we start. From storyboard to execution to results, we honestly feel riveted. Who knew that a) the thread and b) the Netflix intro could provide so much stop-motion fun.

The Netflix N in thread for Netflix tumum stop motion intro video
Kevin Parry

And the results give us exactly what we hope for. An almost identical version of Netflix’s famous intro as the “Tudum” sound accompanies it. So why even do it? Parry asks. The process has become a bit tedious. And the end result gives us something we already had. Well, for fun. For the sheer pleasure of our yarn-blown minds.

Kevin Parry

Here is just the final product for those who are interested.

Not bad for $30. We can’t wait to see what Kevin Parry then cook.

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