Need For Speed ​​Unbound Leaked Screenshots Showing Controversial Graphics

Unlimited Speed ​​Need screenshots have reportedly leaked showing a new visual style that has already proven controversial.

A listing for NFS Unbound has appeared on the Japanese retailer Neowing, revealing a number of images from the as-yet-unreleased racing game. These images have a more animated look than previous Need for Speed ​​entries, with many comparing them to a shadowy art style.

Need For Speed ​​Unbound screenshots revealed

The new footage from Need For Speed ​​Unbound can be viewed below:

The reaction to the screenshots was divisive (but certainly not the more controversial visuals shown today). Safer Reddit NFS, one user wrote, “Cars and environments look clean. But why on earth would you make the characters look like THAT? Another added: “These characters look stupid.”

However, there were others who strongly agreed with developer Criterion moving away from realistic visuals. “I like it! Much better than the live-action characters and it’s been ages since a great arcade racer has tried anything other than the hyper-realistic version of that year,” reads in a popular reply “With all the NFS entries, I’m glad they put in the effort to try and mix up the visuals.”

We’ve yet to see this new visual style in action, or receive an official announcement from EA or Criterion confirming Need For Speed ​​Unbound’s legitimacy. However, now that the cat seems to be firmly out of the bag, it’s surely only a matter of time.

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