Navigating the storm with the chaotic illustrations of Lukas Weidinger

After studying graphic design in Vienna, Lukas focused on illustration studies in Leipzig, Strasbourg and the German city of Halle. The influence of these places is obvious. ” The scenes [in my work] are inspired by my environment and everyday life in the strong windstorms of the East German plains,” explains the artist. “Weather surrounds us all the time and sometimes dominates our mood and what we do.” But it wasn’t until he really noticed the wind that Lukas realized the role it plays in the rhythms of daily life. “The wind in particular is very present, and yet invisible. That’s why I focused on windstorms for a while. Lukas was engrossed in the challenge of “trying to represent the invisible force of wind and solid matter enveloped by the endless flow of air that seems to come from nowhere”.

Interestingly, the artist chose to retain errors and ink stains in some of the final compositions. “Mistakes lead to improvisation, and sometimes the result is even better than expected,” says Lukas. “Sometimes you are surprised by the improvisation.” In this case, “the dripping ink stains from my old Rotring Micronorm pen work well as a compositional element in this series, like floating objects blown away by the wind.”

An ever curious surveyor, Lukas is eager to explore the effects of other unusual weather phenomena like torrential rains and heat waves. But this interest also sits alongside well-founded concerns about the negative trajectory of climate degradation. For now at least, Lukas is happy to navigate the storm with pen and paper.

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