Naughty Dog Shows Off The Last Of Us ‘Glow Up’ Graphics In Upcoming PS5 Remake, Fans Divided On Whether It’s Better

Although Naughty Dog boasted that the PlayStation 5 Remake’s enhanced visuals are a “glow” from the original release, fans are divided on whether The Last of Us Part 1 Remake will actually improves.

Source: The Last of Us Part I (2022), Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Announced during Summer Game Fest 2022 (but previously leaked), The Last of Us Part I promised itself to be more than just a remaster of the first The Last of Us title, with Naughty Dog letting players know they were completely rebuilding the game from the ground up.

Along with new combat (although there are currently no details on what this will actually entail), the developer has also promised that the remaster will take advantage of modern PCs and PlayStation 5 hardware to deliver a supposedly improved visual experience. – a point further pushed by studio head Neil Druckmann explicitly noting that the remaster will reuse the original facial motion capture performances of the characters.

With an overview of the scenes on the PlayStation Blog and a comparison video of the remaster and the original by Digital foundryanother snippet of Naughty Dog’s work was shared by the developer himself on Twitter.

Sharing a side-by-side comparison of Joel and Ellie’s ally from each respective version, Naughty Dog tagged the character’s voice actress, Annie Wersching, and proudly caught the eye to “Tess” lights up. 9 years ago compared to September 2, 2022”,

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The updated version appears to show Tess more micro-expressions, suppressed concern as she breathes slowly, and exacerbation as she sighs, compared to the original, where she maintains a neutral expression while inhaling, before to just stick his jaw out in frustration. as she sighs.

Of particular note is how the two models look very different from each other, to the point that they almost don’t seem to represent the same character, with the first part incarnation of Tess arguably looking more close to Wersching itself.

Source: The Last of Us Part I (2022), Sony Interactive Entertainment

While Naughty Dog probably expected plenty of praise for its graphical update to The Last of Us, those comparisons have led to a sharp divide among gamers.

Offering his short and sweet endorsement, @501Lyfe bliss“Looks better than the whole Xbox Showcase lmao line.”

Source: Twitter @501Lyfe

“Wow, she looks a little older and exhausted here. Which makes sense because she apparently has a lot of history with Joel,” observed @AdamantiumLive, before quoting Tess, “We’re s—-y people Joel. It’s been like that for a long time.”

Source: AdamantiumTwitter live

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Referring to the controversial sequel story, @Tribe_Freecs theorized“I feel like the hate #TheLastofUs is getting is due to people still souring on Part 2.”

“Like these are really amazing upgrades for the character, for each one of them,” they explained. “I can understand the blame for being 70, but everything else feels like bad faith and hate.”

Source: Twitter from @Tribe_Freecs

While many fans praised the upgrades, others felt that the remaster did little to improve upon the previous PS4 remaster, especially not at the asking price of a next-gen game.

“Still not worth the $70 price tag”, @optimus_pledge denounced. “It’s just a visual remake with some gameplay tweaks… BUT you removed the multiplayer. So a visual overhaul and some gameplay tweaks justify the new price Sony is trying to push us for new games? Nah man. not these players. Wait.”

Source: Twitteroptimus_pledge

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Comparing The Last of Us Part 1 to Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 REmake, @NotHaru47 quipped, “It’s a real remake, [these] suckers are actually going to pay $70 for glorified wear.”

Source: Twitter @NotHaru47

“They completely changed all the character designs just to make this remake look different to hide the fact that it’s only marginally better looking,” offers @xelor_official. “You can’t be serious, this is a real Ctrl+Alt+Del comic.”

Source: Twitter xelor_official

Do you think the visuals of The Last of Us Part I offer a significant improvement over previous versions of the game? Let us know your thoughts on social media and in the comments below!

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