Musicians harmonize with plants and birds in soothing digital illustrations by Gaspart

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#birds #digital #plants

February 28, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Gaspart, shared with permission

Intertwined with leafy vines, Gaspart’s series of digital illustrations titled Birds, plants and music emits the soothing, lyrical presence we need right now. The collection, which was inspired by research detailing the effects of melodies and other audible compositions on vegetation, focuses on solitary instrumentalists with exaggerated limbs and gargantuan feet. Each casually sits on the floor or squats forward to pluck the strings of a double bass and hum in a trumpet.

In a note to Colossal, Gaspart shares that he starts with a preliminary sketch which he then recreates with shapes in complementary palettes. Shades of purple are prominent in the violinist’s clothing and backdrop, for example, while bright, brassy orange dominates the saxophonist’s image. As an extension of the illustrations featured here, Gaspart also collaborated with motion designer Bogdan Dumitriu, sound design studio Ronroco Audio, and musicians Pablo Jivotovschii and Jake Fridkis to animate three of the compositions.

Gaspart, who lives in Maisons-Laffitte just outside Paris, shares details of his process, in addition to equally tranquil renders, on Behance and Instagram.

#birds #digital #plants

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