Murals, illustrations brighten up interior spaces

The color element can create an impactful spatial experience. Too often in interior design we see wall art as an afterthought, but when planned and chosen carefully, the right wall art with the right color tone can elevate the entire room.

Victory Murals

Murals are a great way to get captivating spatial experiences without changing an inch of wall space. They can fill large otherwise empty or unused walls to make a permanent statement in your homes. Adding patterns and graphics in punchy color tones can provide a focal point for a better sense of the whole space. Not only do custom murals look great in living rooms, bedrooms, and parlors, they can also add personality to hallways, transition areas, and stairwells.

Create an impact with illustrations

Custom hand-painted artwork on living room walls, bedroom ceilings, or even bathrooms is a personal favorite for providing a sentimental connection to its occupants.

Explore different shades and tones, keeping in mind their response to light, compatibility with furniture, and intended activity for a particular space. For example, neutral tones add innocent simplicity while richer pigments add depth and character to a room.

Abstract art

Colorful creativity is not limited to residences; Surface art can transform commercial spaces such as offices, retail showrooms, and even hospitality experiences. Abstract art is a powerful tool to create the first impression for some otherwise expected serious areas.

Color keys

In addition to functionality, the personality of a room depends on the quality of the texture of all the surfaces inside. With interior design, we can alter key variables like visual palette, lighting, proportions and materials to positively influence the mood and well-being of the end user. A pop of color is a great option for curating modernist compositions and effortlessly enhancing the overall experience with murals.

Introduce important decoration themes

Designers can introduce important decorating themes without hampering the rest of the planning to bring in another layer of creativity. Spreading a large color scheme across an entire surface rather than a framed piece of art helps increase the volume of the space.

Elaborate scene visions filled with flowers, trees and animals that stretch from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, generate a stimulating reaction for the end user.

The boldness in color choice can be used as a starting point for the mood board and the design approach changed to something flamboyant and eccentric.

Rahul Mistri is the Principal Designer of Open Atelier Mumbai, a nationally and internationally award-winning multidisciplinary design studio.

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