MSI Low-Profile Arc A380 graphics card surfaces

According to ITmedia, Intel’s slowest Arc desktop GPU is now available for DAIV workstations. The DAIV Z3-A380 is one of the first systems to be reviewed with an MSI Arc A380 GPU.

We have noticed offers for this GPU on Chinese merchant sites, but no one has specifically tested this GPU model. The MSI A380 is a low-profile model with two small fans and no power connector. Although it is a discrete GPU, it requires two slots. The I/O support has two display ports (DP+HDMI), although it’s unclear if it’s HDMI2.1 and DP 2.0. This model is set to the default boost clock of 2450 MHz, with memory set to 1937 MHz (15.5 Gbps). As with previous A380 variants, only 8 Xe cores and 6 GB of 96-bit GDDR6 memory are available. In the DEIV 4N system, the A380 outperforms the GeForce GTX 1650. (equipped with the mobile i7-1260P). The GPU is 10% and 39% faster in 3DMark Firestike and TimeSpy respectively. It’s still not impressive, but the A380 is not a gaming GPU.

ITmedia evaluated Intel’s Alchemist A380 GPUs, which have relatively strong video decoding capabilities. This could be the deciding factor in choosing this system over the others. After all, this is a professional workstation/PC, not a gaming machine. This DAIV Z3-A380 system features an Intel Core i7-12700 processor and 32GB of DDR4 memory. It is a mid-tower chassis with ample space for hard drive storage. A large fan is mounted on the side panel to provide adequate ventilation for the MSI A380. However, at 75W TDP it shouldn’t get too hot.

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