Minecraft Lego stop-motion video shows Steve the criminal



A devoted fan of the Minecraft and Lego universes shares amazing stop motion animation, created with official Lego crossover sets.

A not-so-sweet criminal broke one of the unspoken Minecraft rules in amazing Lego stop motion animation. Fans of the Mojang craft / survival hit are quite used to expressing their passion for the title outside of the game itself, creating awesome artwork and animating charming videos.

In tribute to MinecraftThe versatile building mechanics of, a devoted fan of the game decided to make an amazing 3D animation of a DIY house. As well as being cleverly put together, the video also brilliantly highlights the beauty of a task as simple as building a small blockhouse to live in. Plus, the animation also has some hilarious details that are easy to miss. Apparently add some humorous elements to Minecraft Videos are quite common for gamers, as the following animation makes a funny but painful joke.

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At MinecraftIn the densely populated subreddit of, an avid game fan named Absolutely_Studios shared a wonderful stop motion animation, which was created using official Lego crossover sets. In the short video, a character makes a stone ax only to use it against one of the unspoken Minecraft menstruation soon after. Basically, Lego Steve commits one of the worst crimes imaginable by cutting up a single block of wood, creating a nasty looking hole right in the middle of a tree trunk. The character leaves the poor shed in this disturbing state, which is something real Minecraft players never let it go. But while the situation is controversial, the host’s stop motion technique is simply flawless.

While Minecraft Lego sets have been around for almost a decade, the collaboration never officially attempted to go in the opposite direction by adding a slice of Lego experience to Mojang’s video game. Fortunately, there is no such issue that cannot be resolved with the efforts of the community, as demonstrated by the recent MineBricks resource pack for the Crafting / Survival title. The mod not only changes the textures to look like the actual plastic, but also makes Minecraft the blocks look like natural Lego bricks. In addition, placing cubes in the game gives a recognizable sound to all Lego fans.

Make a Minecraft the video with Lego assets is oddly satisfying, especially considering the similarity of the two blocky universes. Unlimited creative freedom is probably the key common trait of IPs, and it’s one of the main reasons why an immensely popular video game and legendary toys have merged so naturally. But while making Lego stop motion animations is a fairly common occurrence, launching Minecraft in the equation has not yet become a new trend. Hopefully the example of Absolutely_Studios will inspire other talented players to follow in their footsteps.

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Source: Absolutely_Studios / Reddit

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