Mario 3’s Walk Cycle With 24 Animation Frames Is Way Too Bouncy

A fan recently rendered Mario’s run cycle from Super Mario 3 with 24 frames of animation, which caused the plumber to bounce too much.

Someone animated the Mario character sprite from Super Mario 3 with 24 frames instead of the standard three, and the result is perhaps a bit too lively for most gamers. Released on Super Nintendo in the early 90s, Super Mario 3 is considered by many to be one of the greatest video games of all time, and mint copies of the game have sold at auction for over $156,000. It was even featured in the cult 1989 film The wizard before its release, and Super Mario 3 has been re-released on contemporary Nintendo platforms such as the Wii U and Nintendo Switch in the decades since it first took the gaming world by storm.


Like most games Super Mario series, Super Mario 3 put players in control of Mario or Luigi as they navigate the Mushroom Kingdom’s many different environments to save Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches – although the game has added several new enemy types and introduced the world map now standard for transporting the brothers between worlds. The basic gameplay of Super Mario remained intact, and Super Mario 3 The retro 2D graphics and minimalist animation still hold a certain charm among fans to this day.

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However, some fans have attempted to flesh out Mario’s classic running animation from Super Mario 3, and Reddit user bumpitybum recently shared the results on r/game. They posted a brief GIF animation of Mario’s 24 frame animated run cycle, with the hero looking decidedly more bouncy compared to Mario’s three frame run cycle. Super Mario 3. For many fans in the comments section, Mario’s fleshed-out running animation is too much bouncy, as he constantly hops up and down with his Tanuki hat and tail collapsing wildly. Bumpitybum would later explain that this animation was the result of an AI algorithm rendering Mario in 24 frames, which they later decided to share as a joke.

See the original post on Reddit here.

This is far from the only time fans have altered the original. Super Mario 3 or discovered some wild glitches that change the game in unexpected ways, as a player recently found a way to replace Mario with Luigi in the middle of a game while exiting Super Mario 3 world’s map. Meanwhile, a rare PC port of the legendary LOSS Developer id Software was discovered and preserved by the Strong National Museum of Play, after fans could only hear about it from former developers like David Kushner and John Romero for decades.

While bumpitybum is fleshed out Super Mario 3 the running animation is smooth and well animated, it feels way too bouncy to be practical in a platform game. Mario jumps way too much, making it difficult for players to keep up with him, even in the simple scene described in bumpitybum’s post. It’s not hard to imagine that this bouncing running animation would be even more chaotic during Super Mario 3‘s more intense levels, so maybe it’s for the best that Nintendo has decided that less is more when it comes to Mario’s iconic run cycle.

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Source: bumpitybum/Reddit

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