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The Teen Titans Go! Animation Director Dan Hipp shares a piece of Thor: Love and Thunder fan art featuring some rocking Thunder Gods.

Artist Dan Hipp shared his excitement for the upcoming premiere of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Thor: Love and Thunder with a rocking piece of fan art.

The image, posted to Hipp’s Twitter, shows the titular God of Thunder and Jane Foster as Mighty Thor using their respective weapons as guitars and jamming. Although Hipp is not part of the creative team for Thor: Love and Thunder, he has a lot of experience in the superhero genre, having served as art director for the animated series The Teen Titans Go!

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The 29th MCU movie and a 2017 sequel Thor: Ragnarokthe next love and thunder is also directed by Taika Waititi. According to the director, Thor: Love and Thunder is “kind of like a midlife crisis movie, really.” He explained: “That’s the question we ask everyone: are we doing the right thing and doing everything we can in the world? I think right now, when the world is still recovering from this pandemic, that’s a good question to ask. It’s like, well, are we doing enough to take care of each other and take care of ourselves?” The story will see Chris Hemsworth’s Thor attempt to find inner peace while teaming up with Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie and Korg (voiced by Waititi himself) to stop Gorr the Butcher God (Christian Bale) from – as his name suggests. indicates – kill all gods.

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The film will also feature Natalie Portman’s return to the MCU; however, this time her character Jane will be a full-fledged superhero as she will have taken on the role of Mighty Thor. Waititi discussed the character’s development in a recent interview, saying, “You don’t want Natalie [Portman] come back and play this same character walking around with science equipment. You know, while Thor was flying, she stayed on Earth, tapping her foot and saying, “When is he coming back?” It’s boring. You want her to be part of the adventure.”

Superhero fans have expressed their excitement for Thor: Love and ThunderThe debut is just around the corner thanks to a slew of fan-made content. Some, like Hipp, created works of fan art and others speculated the film’s narrative with fan theories. A notable example explains why moon knightThe Egyptian god Khonshu will escape the specter of Gorr and another postulates a connection between Gorr and the Eternals.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.

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Thor: Love and Thunder

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