Launch of the Ridley Scott winery with whimsical illustrations of dogs drawn by the director

blade runner, Gucci House, and now: Mas des Infermières. An estate near Oppède in the south of France is also the first marquee winery of Ridley Scott, who has owned the site since 1992 and often retreated there to paint. The packaging and identity features artwork – Scott’s own – and is provided by London-based Hingston Studio – although the process behind the project stands apart from your standard client-studio relationship.

Last year, when we spoke to Sylvain Despretz, Scott’s go-to screenwriter for much of his early career, we got a glimpse of the director’s scrupulous filmmaking process. Studio founder Tom Hingston attests that Mas des Infermières has followed the same path, with Scott helping to carefully define every aspect. “Needless to say, he is meticulous in every detail, with an unrelenting passion for craftsmanship,” says Tom, “which of course made the project an absolute joy from start to finish.”

The identity of the Mas des Infermières is illustrative in its essence, in keeping with Scott’s story; Whether he works with artists like Sylvain or draws them himself, the director scripts each of the scenes he shoots. “When we first met, he presented us with a whole series of drawings,” says Tom, many of which featured individual stories that happened on the estate, the maps or the architecture. These works are anchored in the site and the contact points of the Mas des Infermières brand, even if they are mainly visible via the labels.

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