Kirby dances with delight in fan-made stop-motion video


YouTuber Kenta “Animist” Shinohara has uploaded a new stop motion video featuring three Kirby Nendoroids and a Waddle Dee. In the past, he downloaded similar animations such as street fighter videos, such as Chun-Li kicking a can of Red Bull with his signature Spinning Bird Kick. Additionally, Animist posted a video detailing the process behind this new short.

Animist wrote that he brings lifeless objects to life in his videos. Kirby, Ice Kirby, and Beam Kirby gently perform their victory dance on a table. There is also a fun twist at the end with Waddle Dee.

The video is thirty seconds long and you can watch it here:

Although the video is only thirty seconds long, it took fifteen hours to make it. Animist also mentioned in the filming video that working with three dolls is much more difficult, because messing up even one meant redoing the whole shot. On his Twitter account, he also mentioned that the hands and feet are glued to Kirby’s body via magnets, but that also means that if the Kirby Nendoroids are too close to each other, they can attract and repel each other.

The making-of video below shows the immense attention to detail and care that Animist put into the stop-motion video:

Animist is a YouTuber who publishes stop motion videos online. He has posted another video of Kirby in stop motion in the past, showing Kirby carrying and trying to swallow a can of soup. As usual, there is a twist at the end, so watch the video yourself here.

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