Keely “Poi” Majewski’s bold, otherworldly 3D illustrations are full of drama and attitude

Having previously repressed her artistic tendencies, Keely’s creative ability is now unstoppable – she has pushed herself to produce a piece daily for the past three years. “Creating something new every night for so long has definitely sped up my process and my problem-solving skills. Mainly helping me understand concepts I like, dislike and ideas I want to explore further. »

One of the central characteristics of the characters Keely portrays is their eye-catching and arresting sense of style. Describing style as one of the most important aspects of her job, the illustrator explains that her specific fashion choices – chunky, synthetic jewelry, knee-high PVC boots and bright hair colors – are influenced by everything from “90s street fashion to obscure video”. early 2000s game. Preferably wanting “anyone to look at my art and be able to relate to it in some way”, Keely also strives to “present a wide variety of different people”. It’s not just a way to help him constantly develop new characters, it’s above all a way to guarantee the diversity of his work. “Art is for everyone!” she explains, “there needs to be more representation”.

In order to keep accumulating enough material to fuel her insatiable desire to create and vary her work, wherever she goes, Keely “constantly draws”, “draws the people I see, writes little moments like a diary, takes ratings while watching movies”. Preventing any creative block, this persistent writing allows Keely to always have inspiration at hand: “I can just turn a page and explore a random note I made two years ago and create a concept to from there!”. For Keely, 2022 looks to be an equally productive and positive year. After working on a personal project in which she invests “heart and soul” – which is scheduled for release this summer – she tells us to “stay tuned! “.

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