Jewels encrust ornamental insects in digital artwork by Sasha Vinogradova


#digital #insects #jewelry #Sasha Vinogradova

All images © Sasha Vinogradova, shared with permission

Los Angeles-based artist Sasha Vinogradova merges her fascination with nature and ornate design in a series of jewel-covered specimens. Sculptural in shape reminiscent of a brooch or other wearable artwork, the digitally illustrated insects enclose vibrant, iridescent gemstones and body parts within a metal framework. Symmetrical patterns adorn the wings and shells, adding an extra layer of ornamentation to the otherwise natural subject matter.

With a background in motion design and key art, Vinogradova works with various clients on illustrations and art direction. You can explore more of his business and personal projects on Behance and Instagram.

#digital #insects #jewelry #Sasha Vinogradova

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