Jason Yang’s calming illustrations are a therapeutic escape from everyday life


It is then a surprise to learn that Jason is not a professional illustrator. “I’m more of an amateur who uses illustration as a means of therapy,” he told Creative Boom. If this is Jason as an amateur, we would love to see what he would be capable of as a professional. Her illustrations carefully combine vibrant hues with a designer’s eye to create eye-catching stylized compositions.

Whether they capture a flower-strewn foot dipping a toe into a river, a boy with a green pencil studied by his classmates, or a woman taking time out for a quick smoke on a sofa, Jason’s illustrations capture the little moments of life which are all too easy to overlook.

Jason explains, “I treat the act of illustration as a therapeutic getaway from my everyday life. And a recurring theme in my work is that I treat everything like an abstract selfie because the choice of style or palette reflects where I was. emotionally at the time of creation, whether it is a moment or an extended period. “

The biography on her Instagram page adds to this by revealing that “every photo is a self-portrait”. With that in mind, it’s tempting to read in his images of a woman swirling a glass of wine near a shelf or a man wondering if he should throw a paper plane. How did Jason feel in those moments? And in turn, how do you feel as a spectator?

As for his artistic influences, Jason credits his youth. Growing up, he moved around a lot and experienced a multitude of cultures, including South Africa, Indonesia, the United States and of course Taiwan. “My creative and stylistic tastes are very nomadic, and maybe that’s because of the constant trips I made in my upbringing.”

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