Jack Skellington becomes Jack-o-Lantern in spooky stop-motion video


Stop motion artist Lawrence Becker creates a video The Nightmare Before Christmas showing Sally creating a Jack Skellington pumpkin lantern.

The nightmare before Christmas comes alive once again in a new stop-motion video featuring Jack Skellington as a true Jack-o-Lantern. The nightmare before Christmas is perhaps the most iconic stop-motion film ever made and a staple of the holiday season, bridging the gap between October and December. Although the film was produced by Tim Burton, whose name is most often associated with the project, it was directed by Henry Selick, the man behind James and the giant peach and Coraline, another must-have for the Halloween season.

The tracks of The nightmare before Christmas are Jack and Sally, two residents of Halloween Town. Jack is known as the “Pumpkin King” and leads the annual Halloween celebrations, although when he wants to explore his options, he discovers Christmas and develops a plot to kidnap “Sandy Claws”. Sally is a rag doll with an unrequited crush on Jack, but she helps him save Christmas from the villainous Oogie Boogie and Sally and Jack end up falling in love.

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On his Instagram, stop motion artist Lawrence Becker, in collaboration with Disney +, released a new Nightmare before christmas– the stop motion video on the theme. It’s a brief piece, depicting Sally’s hand using a needle and thread to carve a Jack-o-Lantern by Jack Skellington. The video was made with the help of sculptor Katy Strutz, who created Sally’s arm and the nightshade pot. Lawrence also posted a fascinating time-lapse behind-the-scenes video of all the steps it took to bring the short video to life. Check out the two videos below:

Click here to view the original post and click here to view the BTS video

Jack and Sally are such iconic characters that it’s hard to imagine anyone could create anything new with them. They have been seen on an endless variety of Halloween costumes and pumpkin carvings in the 28 years since the film’s release in 1993. They can even be seen on merchandise at stores like Hot Topic all year round. . Every element of the film has been probed for all it’s worth, and even Danny Elfman’s songs from the soundtrack have been revived and reimagined dozens of times each, most recently in one. Nightmare before christmas cover by Billie Eilish.

However, thanks to the careful care of Becker and Strutz, they proved that The nightmare before Christmas still has legs. That is, assuming we have the time and talent to bring their forms back to life in stop motion. It is certainly a fun Halloween treat to see the legacy of the film continue to grow and bring fans something they have never seen before as they prepare to sit down and take it out. review for the hundredth time.

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